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Problem :

'By eye', it is quite difficult to know exactly how much it is, to repair a damaged car.

In order to estimate a claim, we need to calculate the labor times (attach/detach, beating panel, painting) necessary to proceed with the car repairing.

Moreover, we can not know before hand where the limit of convenience is to repair the damaged part (i.e. a door).

In certain situations it could be more convenient to replace the damaged part with a new one, instead of repairing it.

Body shops, Accessors, Insurance companies: all of them just try to “guess” the total amount for car repairing, however we still have at least a couple of problems:

1) The claim is not precise at all, because there is no instrument to measure the damage in order to calculate the labor times (we make the evaluation “by eye”).

2) Depending on who makes the claim, we get different results, due to the fact that the estimation of the claim is SUBJECTIVE and not OBJECTIVE. And so, for the same type of damage, it may happen that, in Madrid, it costs 500 euros, in Barcelona it costs 400 (or 600), in Valencia it costs 300 (or 700).

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